Area Codes 305 and 786

The area code 305 and 786 include Miami, Homestead, North Dade, Key West and Perrine. The area code 786 is an overlay of the area code 305. These area codes stretch from Miami to Key West and include the Miami-Dade County and southern part of the Monroe County.However,if you look at the map, you’ll notice that the Monroe County is dividedbetween the area codes 305/786 and 239.Area Codes 305 and 786

Area 305 was one of the first area codes issued in the U.S. This area code once covered the entire area of Florida, from 1947 to 1953.The South Florida region is served by three area codes; 305, 786 and 239. The Miami territory is huge and during the period of 1947 to 1953, it was divided several times. The number of phones in Florida was growing day by day and until 1998, the area code 305 was entirely used up. Thus, an additional area code was required and then the area code 786 was born.

Places included in area codes 305 and 786

As told above, the area code 305 was issued in 1947. This area code lied within the Eastern TimeZone. In the beginning, the area code 305 covered the entire Metropolitan Miami. In 1998, the Miami-Dade portion of this area was overlaid with the area code 786.

The area code 786 also serves some exchanges in the city of Miramar, which is in Broward County. The counties in Florida within the area code are Miami-Dade County and some areas of Broward County. The major cities and places included in the area codes 305 and 786 are: Carol City, Country Club, Coral Terrace, Coral Gables, Cutler Ridge, Doral, Golden Glades, Hialeah, Homestead, Kendal Lakes, Kendall, Leisure City, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Miramar, Nor land, North Miami Beach, Richmond and Westchester.

Area code 305 and itsmetonymy

The area code 305 is the symbol of Miami culture. This Miami codehas been loved by poets and musicians for long. This code has been used as an emblem by many famous celebrities. The famous American rapper Ludacris mentioned this area code in his 2001 hit Area Codes. A famous magazine of Miami is named after this area code, i.e. the 305 Magazine. The most popular Cuban-American rapper Pitbull used a label Mr. 305 for himself. Enrique Iglesias has his twitter id as ‘@enrique305’. Area Codes 305 and 786

This area code is very popular in the Miami culture and has also been used for resorts, restaurants, wrestlers and many famous people of that area. The number ‘305’ provides an easy rhyme scheme and a smooth rhythm. The ‘five’ is carefully placed after the ‘three-oh’ which allows for a fascinating chorus and lyrical revelation.

After the increase in the population of Miami, the number of phones started increasing considerably. The phonebook of Miami got overburdened and needed expansion. As a result, the famous area code 305 was split into another code, which is 786. On some phone keypads, the number 786 is spelled out as ‘S-U-N’.