Monroe Piercing

Monroe piercing, which also known as Crawford or Madonna is piercing, is named after Cindy, Madonna and Marilyn Monroe since it is located in the same spot of their beauty marks. In other words, Monroe piercing is a type of lip piercing that is placed above the upper lip on your right hand side. Usually, Monroe piercing is fitted with a 14, 16 or 18 gauge labret and the bars are shortened after healing. Many people in the modern world prefer to have this type of piercing because of its extraordinary appeal and uniqueness. With a rounded, black colored stud, it really looks like a beauty mark. When it is combined with a sparkling gem, you will get the opportunity to look like a star on your face.Monroe Piercing

Many people prefer to get Monroe piercing instead of other types of piercing as it heals faster. In addition, Monroe piercings are associated with a very little chance of getting infections as your mouth contains enzymes that have the ability to kill bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any chances of getting infections with Monroe piercing. Monroe piercings can also ruin your gums and teeth if it is laced in the wrong way. That’s why it is always better to seek the assistance of a professional to get a hassle free Monroe piercing.

Right after getting your Monroe piercing done, you will have to experience some sort of swelling. You will be able to alleviate this pain by eating some ice cream or putting ice on it. If you are a person who is too sensitive to pain, you can think of taking ibuprofen as it has the potential to provide a great relief. The swelling and pain that you will get after Monroe piercing is temporary and it will only last for few days. monroe-piercing-11

There aren’t any major differences in between a Monroe piercing and a wound. Therefore, you need to take necessary measures to keep the place clean throughout the healing process. You might notice a secretion of a yellow colored fluid that consists of blood plasma and dead cells. Once this fluid gets dried, a crusty substance will be left on the surface of your skin. You need to brush this crusty substance using a soft tooth brush. Sometimes you will be able to see it above your upper lip as well. In that kind of a situation, you can simply wash it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

Monroe piercing can be defined as one of the hottest crazes among modern world people. It has the potential to enhance your outer appearance and provide a personalized touch to your outlook. Therefore, any person can think of getting a Monroe piercing done without any doubt on mind. However, you need to be careful to get it done from a professional and you need to take necessary measures during the healing process in order to stay away from side effects.